Oh, if only someone knew something about the brain! Our soul, our self, which like a fish inhabits the deep sea and swims back and forth between darkness, searching for its way through anemones and monsters ever further through dark twilight, cold, deep, unfathomable; suddenly it rises to the surface and frolics on the wind-rippled waves of a bed, sees itself in the mirror, is frightened - and already swallows itself. Already it wriggles and writhes, it slaps against the window and dries up in the shore sand of reality.

In my current artistic practice, the boundaries between dream and reality are increasingly blurred and blend together. Starting from a fundamental feeling, I develop narrative stories that are intended to provide the viewer with a space for immersive experience. This results in surreal worlds in which I incorporate everyday elements and which serve as a projection surface for self-reflection and socially critical themes. My visual worlds are full of symbolism and also incorporate elements from art history, which I try to place in a new context in an ironic and ambivalent way