painting machine

"Abstrator" is a  painting machine that I developed in collaboration with Finetool, a company based in Lyss. The machine features an articulated arm, typically used in industrial applications to stabilize hands when grinding complex edges. With its delicate joints, the arm exhibits exceptional maneuverability, effortlessly reaching every corner of the circular base plate. Attached to the arm is a sheet of paper, which is set in motion by an Edison Gramophone engine. It's fascinating to note that the motor operates without any external power supply and can be manually raised using a hand crank.

This painting machine offers versatile painting methods. In one approach, the articulated arm can be operated manually, allowing the artist to control the arm's movements while the paper rotates on the base plate. This method provides precise control over the painting process. Alternatively, the arm can be connected to the base plate using a rubber band, enabling fully automatic operation. In this mode, the arm's movements become randomized, and controlling them by hand becomes limited.

"Abstrator" presents a unique fusion of manual and automatic painting techniques, offering artists a range of creative possibilities. Its ability to generate random arm movements adds an element of chance to the artistic process. However, it's important to note that the machine's movements can only be partially controlled by hand.

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